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The Davis Group - The perfect fit for your product

The Davis Group gives your product the packaging it deserves. With a "whatever it takes" team attitude, we deliver for our clients complete turnkey solutions from designing creative insert cards to producing unique and fully customized retail POP displays. Our executive team works closely with you to ensure the proper packaging solution is utilized to display your company and products in a highly effective way for any retail environment.

Clamshell (Vacuum Forming)

Clamshell packaging protects your product while offering great visibility to the consumer. This perfect fit packaging provides various solutions for your product such as insert card, free standing, hanger holes, club packs, anti-theft and prevention of tampering.


Constructed using top quality PVC and/or PET, aluminum tooling is used to ensure a clear and attractive presentation of your product.


Prototype sample provided prior to full production run.

R.F. Sealing (Radio Frequency)

R.F. Sealing is the most effective process to seal and secure your product using a 2 piece Clamshell while maintaining a smooth and professional finish.


All of our R.F. Tooling is constructed from top grade 3/8" aluminum with brass sealing rules and steel cutting rules.

P.O.P. Displays

Increase sales while keeping costs down with an innovative and effective POP display.


Put your product in the front line of any retail store with a custom designed and manufactured floor or counter display.


The Davis Group can design eye catching displays that are sure to entice impulse purchases by consumers. With the right combination of structure, materials, print application and header graphics, we make your product and your company look GREAT.

Blister Packaging

Blister packaging has been one of the most popular choices for years. It still remains a cost-effective solution that provides high visibility of your product at retail level.


The plastic cavity which fits your product snug is joined to the blister board (backing of package) with a heat sealing process allowing your product to be properly displayed.


The blister board can be custom designed by our creative team to promote your product to its' fullest potential.

Kitting & Fulfillment

No project is too big or too small for the Davis Group.


We can facilitate and hand-assemble any size kit with flawless execution, low cost and premium quality.


You provide us with the product samples and we'll assemble them into a custom designed package that meets your specifications.


Tailored distribution programs can be developed to fulfill our clients schedule requirements.


Our secured facility can house and protect your products appropriately at all times. High valued products are caged and locked under a video surveillance area of our warehouse.


Let the Davis Group package it, house it and ship it for you.

If you have a custom packaging job or kitting project in mind, please talk to us about it.
Contact Mike Davis at 1-800-206-4052 or click here
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